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​Are you looking for a powerful, yet environmentally safe pure stain remover for your everyday stains? Do you want to get rid of the clutter of various boxes, bottle and jars of cleaning products that are lurking underneath your kitchen sink or in the laundry?

Are you also a member of the ever growing environmentally conscience group of consumers who are looking for alternative cleaning products that are safe to use as well as being safe for the planet?

Many of the cleaning products and instant spot removers that are available in your local supermarket or discount store contain ingredients such as petrochemicals, chlorine beach, ammonia, etc. These products carry a risk in your home due to accidental ingestion, physical contact, inhalation or even damage to the surface these products are meant to clean. Small amounts of these products, used over time, will often leave a residue that can adversely affect your health and even your home’s air quality.

Pure Stain Remover


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Unlike many other stain removers that are available on the market and in your grocery store, Mrs. Johnson's Pure Stain Remover is non-toxic, contains no fillers or dyes, and has a 100% active ingredient, so you will use fewer products, get great results and save money.

Mrs. Johnson's Pure Stain Remover offers a solution to some of life's toughest stains on clothing, carpet, rugs, upholstery, grout - you name the stain, with proper use Mrs. Johnson's Pure Stain Remover will help eliminate it or diminish its appearance.

Mrs. Johnson's Pure Stain Remover is effective on many everyday stains such as baby pooh, red wine, blood, sweat, mud, ground in dirt, dirty tile grout, hard water stains in coffee and tea pots.

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